The entire double-wide aisle is overflowing with pink and red boxes of chocolates for St. Valentine's Day

The Real Reason Amazon Will Win

Just take a look at the photo above. I took that photo earlier today, December 29th, at the local Kroger clone.

That’s right. These folks have gone all in on St. Valentine’s Day a whole four days after Christmas. Most folks haven’t even finished the returns and exchanges process yet and we’re already getting more chocolate foisted on us. C’mon, guys, really? We haven’t had a break in the whole holiday madness thing since the end of August (and the end of solar eclipse season). September and October belong to Halloween, October and November are for national pumpkin spice celebrations and Christmas pre-prep, and December is for the Big Day, as well as a few little days along the way, and then the final night of drunken revelry that gives way to the first hangover of the new year. Can we please, pretty please, just have one week of nothing before we move on to the next consumer extravaganza?

For what it’s worth, this is exactly why people are turning to online shopping. Not only is it so much more convenient, not only are the prices and selection much better online, but it’s a lot less emotionally draining. I don’t have to contend with entire aisles filled with products I’m not ready for yet. The sounds of carols haven’t faded entirely from our collective ears and our nerves are still raw. Online we can go directly to what we need and purchase it with little to no interference. Brick and mortar stores don’t make things easy for us; they want every last dime they can wring from our wallets, and they’ll take more than even that if given the opportunity, so they set up the necessary road blocks and mind games to further separate us from our money.

Too bad there’s a cost to that, as well, and we’ll all pay it sooner or later.

Online shopping will help with that, but it won’t stop anything until we can shop in peace, at least for a little while.

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