The sky as seen from the 2nd floor walkway on the south side of the Humanities Building on the UNM Campus

Onward and Upward, One Baby Step at a Time

I shouldn’t be too pleased with myself, but I guess I feel like anything I accomplish is worth some sort of celebration.

I managed to write around 450 words today for the dissertation. Again, I’m ashamed of how little that is and I’m doubly ashamed of making any sort of a big deal out of it, but forward progress of any sort is something I need to celebrate. I need to get some good positive reinforcement going so I can keep writing like that. It doesn’t matter that it’s not very good, or if it does what I really need it to do; I wrote. That’s not nothing.

I can’t really say if this blogging effort had anything to do with it, either, but I can say that it feels like it did. I haven’t been spending as much time in my head, composing thoughts and the words that go with them, but this little website thing has sort of forced me out of avoiding that. Even when I don’t get all the words out that I should, I manage something, and that means that I’m getting a little more used to the idea of putting words down. Learning how to jump again takes time, but eventually the hurdles will no longer pose any issue and I’ll be running along again.

That’ll be awesome.

I also wanted to take a brief moment to mention that there are a few images in the past week or so that have been my own work. Anything from the UNM campus, of course, is mine, as is the picture of the St. Valentine’s Day display of doom from yesterday. I’m just using my phone camera, and I’m not using any filters or anything. The truth is that I don’t really know much about photography beyond the most rudimentary basics about composition (the 1/3 line grid thing, for example). I wouldn’t know how to take an interesting photo if my life depended on it, to be honest, and that’s sad considering my uncle is an award-winning photographer.

Still, I try. I’m going to make an attempt to pick up a few more photos from around campus in the next few days, but I also want to start taking more photos when I just go places in general. If I go to the movies, I’ll try to snap a pic of something cool in the lobby. If I go shopping, I’ll try to keep my eye out for interesting shots in the parking lot. I’ll try to avoid posting pictures of my cats all the time, but that’s going to be a steep order to fill, so forgive me if I don’t manage to stick to my guns.

All in all, it’s nice to be creating something again. It’s good to take a photo or to write a paragraph. At this point, neither needs to be especially good. It just matters that they’re there, and that I have to share them with the world. I guess I’m dancing like there’s nobody watching…because I doubt that anyone actually is. That’s not what matters, though: what matters is that I’m getting better, and soon I’ll be doing good enough.

Good enough sounds great, indeed.

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