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That Same Old Trap I Always Fall Into

Well, here we are, about two weeks or so since my last post. I wish I could say that this sort of thing was unexpected, but it wasn’t. I figured that I’d break down and not come back to the blog for a while within the first month or so. The good news is that I did, in fact, come back. There have been attempts to blog that have not gone so well in the past, and there have been even more where I’ve come back for one more post, swearing that I’ll be better in the future, only to let that be my last post in either months or years.

Short version: I’m not good at this blogging thing, probably for the same reason that I’m not very good at the journaling thing. On the up side, though, it’s nice to actually write something, and I’m starting to enjoy that a little more, even if it’s just general rambling. I like the sound of my hands on the keyboard. It makes me feel as though I’m getting something done, even though I know it’s just this and not the dissertation.

On the other hand, I have made a little bit of progress on the diss, as well. I managed to get a page written today about structures in the first few lyrics of Christ I. That was pretty cool. I’ll just get a little bit more done on that in the next few days and I hope to leave for Exeter with eight to ten pages written. That would make me feel tons better.

It also made me feel better to speak with my dissertation director today, who is seriously the nicest human being in the world of academics. No anger or disappointment in me because I’m not making progress, no real worries about whether I’ll get the thing done…just a quiet and supportive voice saying, “Hey, why don’t we try this other thing. Maybe that’ll help.” The current plan: write and submit 100 words per day. I can do that. Hell, at this point, the word count of this post is over 350, and I’m nowhere near done. I just need to learn to think through my language and hear what I want to say in my head so I can type it. That’s the way it’s always worked in the past. I’m just having a lot of trouble hearing my own voice anymore, and it’s making things overly hard.

So, yes, I will continue posting here for the foreseeable future. In fact, I’ve been in touch with some of the folks at the University, trying to get things lined up so the English Grad Student Association can sponsor, along with the History Grad Student Association (and, if others have their way, perhaps even more), a workshop or seminar on putting together (and maintaining!) one’s own professional website. As a result, I need to finally get some things whipped into shape around here. I need to get my About Me page finished, I need to get an updated version of my CV assembled and posted as a separate page here, and I need to figure out what else I want to put up here now that I’ve moved this site over to WordPress as my de facto Content Management Service.

Additionally, as I mentioned above, I leave for Exeter soon. That means that I’ll have a lot to say about my travels, too, and even more to say about the tech that I’ve put together. Right now, I can say that I’m kind of disappointed in the fact that I don’t seem to have enough computer power to do what I want to do, but I’ll just do what I can do to make things happen and hopefully I can figure something out. If it turns out that my approach isn’t particularly viable, then at least I can say that I’ve tried to put something together and I just didn’t get the right equipment and move on from there. At least I’ll have learned from the experience and I can bring that to bear on the next thing I try to do.

Exeter also brings with it the chance to do some more with my photography. I’m not much of a photographer at all, really, but there are some things that I might be able to pull off, even with the limited equipment I have, and that means that I get to learn new things about that, too. I also get to take more cool photos than I could ever really use anywhere else and post them here.

Note to self: shop around for good photo album plugins for WordPress.

For now, though, I think I’m just going to go to bed. It’s been a full day and I have a lot of work to do before I can leave, so tomorrow will be even more full and even more crazy…and I’ve got 100 words of academic prose and 500 words of blog post to write on top of it all.

Oh, and last random thought: I’ve never taken part in NaNoWriMo because November is a terrible time to have people lock themselves to their novel writing keyboards, especially for academics. If I’m not an academic this coming November, though…

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