A Minor Victory: OE, OCR, and Frequency Clouds Through Voyant

I thought it only right to post a counterpoint to my last little rant because “text mining” is one of the biggest reasons I decided to enroll in Digital Methods in the first place.  Although visualizing word frequencies and other elements is not necessarily what I would have put down as my most important priority, it is certainly satisfying to be able to share with you the very quick and interesting, if completely unscientific, results of dumping the entire plain text scan of Gollancz’s 1895 edition of the Exeter Book into Voyant.

As this edition has both Old English and 19th century Modern English in play, we see an interesting mix here.  It seems that the most common OE words are, as one would expect, pronouns: seic, etc., although the negator “ne” is also “popular.”  As I continue to play around with this text, I’ll post anything new I discover.

Word cloud

Generated at voyant-tools.org from the Gollancz 1895 edition of the Exeter Book

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