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In general, I learn best when I can hear someone talk about something. Unfortunately, since I spend very little time in the kinds of lecture halls where people talk about coding, much of what I want to learn needs to be reinforced with what one might call "tinkering." The following small diversions are certainly not meant to be any serious accomplishment, but they do stand in for me learning something about coding which could then be applied to another area of this site, or to the group project for my Digital Methods class. They may not be pretty, but each one was very educational.

CSS Animation

Experiment #1

Although it's often a good idea to start simply, doing so very rarely results in anything spectacular. Instead, I decided to pile a number of effects into a single animation.

I'm getting dizzy!

Experiments #2(A-L)

For the sake of making each one of these effects isolatable and easily able to implement, I've broken them out here. Be sure to check the animation.css file to see how this works.

Single Effects









Double Effects

Flip Fade

Zoom Fade

Zoom Spin

Flip Spin

JavaScript & JQuery

I was trying to help Jessica Troy figure out a few things in JavaScript when she came across something that would allow a crossfaded image on rollover. Give it a try!

jQuery Image Fade